Kristina and Paul at The Wychmere, Cape Cod

This was a big one. I knew we were in for an epic day, and it completely delivered on all expectations. Kristina and Paul were so chill, fun, cool and had their sights set on all the right things: fun, family, food, drink, surf and obviously each other. Their families were so awesome, so happy to be there for them. You could feel the incredibly strong energy their family and friends felt for them. Paul is a bit camera shy–as are many grooms! But he really put himself out there and Kristina totally stole the show in her amazing BHLDN dress. So thankful for fantastic couples like this that go all in, and let me lead them through this experience! Thank you so much to Kristina, Paul and both of your families! You guys kicked ASS! And thanks for the beer and s’mores at the end of the night!

HUGE thanks to fellow lady boss and old friend Laura Widness for second shooting and kicking ass on this huge day!

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