Watertown Portait Photography: The Wherrys in Medford!

Remember Katie and Manny and their fantastic wedding at the Fuller Craft Museum? Well apparently I made quite the impression because Katie’s sister Deanne asked me to come by to do a family portrait session with her husband and two kids, Audry and Loren (I must say I rather like the spelling of Loren’s name).  Audrey rather reminded me of myself when I was five–running screaming, running, screaming drawing smiling running yelling. Loved it.  The dynamic between Audrey and her older, more subdued sister Loren was really lovely to watch–they were very much each other’s salt to their pepper.  Or pepper to their salt….

As much as I resist playing favorites with my pictures, I have to admit, this one is my personal fave of the day:

Deanne, thanks for inviting me back for some Pickett/Wherry love 🙂

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