Watertown Engagement Photography: Julie and Shawn at the Park

Me: So Julie, what do you think you want to do for your engagement session?

Julie: I dunno. Neither of us are really picture people. Shawn doesn’t like having a camera in his face.

Me: Oh that’s cool, that’s not really how I operate anyway. We should just think of something fun for you guys to do together and I’ll photograph it!

Julie: Oh…I know! Let’s BOX together!!

Me: ….oh my god I love you.

According to Julie, boxing is how she and Shawn started dating. Julie was a member of a gym downtown where Shawn was a trainer. Julie spied him boxing with another member and asked who the hot trainer was…the rest is, well…history.  They started hanging out and boxing together and a couple months ago when Julie ran the Boston Marathon for the first time (and I think maybe her first marathon ever?), Shawn, a physical therapist and fellow lover of fitness, proposed.

So when we were trying to figure out what do for their engagement pictures, it only seemed natural to do something kind of fitness inspired. We ultimately decided to just meet up at park in Newton and spend an our or two just..playing! So inspirational, both photographically and personally. Julie recently started training me at my gym in Watertown, and seeing how she and Shawn have so much fun being healthy and active together has been a great source of motivation for me.

So without further adieu (rambling, that is) here’s Julie and Shawn, being active and healthy and happy together:

Shawn I told you I would get this shot for you:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my appointment with Shawn who’s teaching me to Box tonight 🙂 I’mma go get my fitness on!

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