Laura and Zack: Tower Hill Botanical Garden Wedding

One of the most interesting parts of this amazing job is seeing how different couples express their love for each other. I noticed with Laura and Zack–they have this kind of flirtatious energy between them. It almost feels like–it’s not just that they aren’t afraid to express their affection for each other, but rather that they just can’t help themselves. I noticed this when we did their engagement session last summer–they seem to have this little secret between the two of them. They connect in a way that feels like they’re in their own little world together. And even on their wedding day, this was no different. Their beautiful Tower Hill Botanical Garden Wedding was a stunning and lavish affair, styled and pulled together by the fantastic Jyl Deering from Chancey and Charm. There were so many guests in attendance to wish them well, and with several locations throughout the day, there wer a lot of moving parts–but Laura and Zack were completely focused, and present with each other. It was so beautiful to see, in the midst of all the action and people around them, how they would pause and steal little moments together–a sly little look, a pause to kiss and hold each other for a moment before moving on. These two completely nailed it. They worked with an amazing venue and hired vendors they trusted, and they sat back and enjoyed the ride all day.

Laura and Zack, thank you so much for inviting us into this beautiful moment in your lives. It’s couple’s like you that keep us going!

HUGE thanks to my associate photographer extraordinaire Joe Gonzalez-Dufrense for shooting along side me on this amazing day! Several of his fantastic shots are featured below!

All star vendor team round up!

Venue: Tower Hill Botanical Garden

Planning and Coordination: Jyl Deering, Chancey and CharmĀ 

Hair and Makeup: My girl Christy Lavallee!

Ceremony Music and Reception Band: Speechless Music (seriously these guys kicked ass!!)

Floral Design: Five Fork Farms

Catering: CapersĀ 

Rentals: Peak Events

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