Theo in Cambridge!

So, I haven’t done a lot of baby photography.  Part of it is because babies generally scare the crap out of me.  However, my good friends Ben and Katie have this little mushball named Theo and our mutual friends Emily and Adam hired me to do some family/baby photos for them… here we go….

I think in general what typically freaks me out about doing baby portraits is the pressure get them to do something, or pose or smile etc, on the spot.  Which is why I was THIRLLED when Katie said “Hey, come over for soup on Sunday afternoon and you can take pictures of Theo while we decorate the tree.”  Soup? Made by Katie, who’s vegetarian cooking can satisfy the most vehement of meat eaters (including this one)? Tree? Add some Mimosas by us and we were in business….

All rise for his Highness Theo, King of Lunch!!
My Sock.  I has one.
My personal fave of the day:


Theo was fantastic–no crying, no tantrums, just this bouncy giggly ball of ham-dom who loved looking/grabbing my camera.  Roast Squash Soup + Mimosas + Happy Baby Boy=WIN!

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