Rosie and Ian in Keene, New Hampshire.

It’s both a thrilling and terrifying thing when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph their wedding. And in this case, not just any photographer, but someone you know from photography school. I’m flattered, I’m thrilled, I’m so excited….I’m so scared.
Rosie and Ian had a beautiful little Tuesday afternoon wedding up in Keene New Hampshire complete with corresponding Chuck Taylors, sheep, and one hungry alpaca who threw me some serious side eye.  I hadn’t seen Rosie since I was working in the stock room at New England Photography where I spent my days replenishing the fixer and running from ghosts after close checking out dark room set-ups to students and teachers. Ahhhh how I miss the smell of fix.

This is now the third NESoP grad wedding I’ve photographed in my career. (The other’s being Winnie and Gary’s and Jon and Emily’s wedding) All joking aside, I’m very proud to call myself a NESoP grad, and it really does mean so much to me to have not only photographers but fellow NESoP-ers requesting my photography for their wedding. The pressure is definitely on. Rosie and Ian: I hope you love your pictures.

Also side note: this is now the second wedding where the wedding dress didn’t arrive on time, and the second bride who handled with like a champ, with grace and humor. Rosie wasn’t sure if her wedding dress would be ready in time for the schedule that she and I had set up, so she ran out and picked up a cute little kicky white dress to wear just in case. Turned out the wedding dress showed up right after we did the first look, so she did a quick costume change and continued on. No sweat, no fuss–just a class act bride. These are the good ones, folks.

Rosie, thanks again for asking me to be your photographer. It was so wonderful getting to see you and your new family after all these years. Well done.

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