Alysse and Matt.

Whiskey and Waffles.

And the mostly delightfully inappropriate banter I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing between a couple during an engagement shoot.

See you in June, you crazy kids.

Photo-nerd side note: Color images processed with VSCO 3 Polaroid 690+, black and whites processed with VSCO 3 Fuji FP 3000b++. To be honest I’ve been a little scared of the new VSCO, which is all instant film emulations. I’m just not familiar with a lot of instant films, and I want to be careful not to use films just for the sake of the look (ie relying on the processing to “make” the image).  With this shoot I challenged myself to pick a couple of films from the new VSCO and make them work for the mood of the shoot and support the atmosphere/setting, while being careful not to get lost in the “look” of the process.  It’s not perfect but I’m happy with the results of my little experiment 🙂


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