Sena and Jovan!

So, Do you all remember Sena and Jovan?:

This super stylish (not to mention so friendly and FUN!) couple got married last weekend and I got the honor of photographing the whole affair. Sena, who grew up in the South End (in one of those cool, old brownstones that I, being from Iowa, think of as the movie idealization of Boston) chose to have the wedding at Artists for Humanity, an awesome non-profit whose mission is to provide underserved youth with the tools for self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts. The whole building is covered in the artwork of young, local artists and created one of the most dramatic backdrops I’ve ever seen for a wedding.   Not to mention, the building itself has been totally redesigned to be 100% renewable energy green facility–one of the most ecologically correct buildings in the nation.  It was about 85 degrees outside on July 11th, and it wasn’t until Sena’s dad, Stephen pointed it out, that I realized how breezy and cool it had been all day inside the building, without air conditioning! 

Some highlights from the day: 

Apparently Sena just carries an angelic glow around with her wherever she goes…
Sena, a fashion designer, had a really colorful aesthetic planned for her wedding day, dominated by saturated hues of yellow…as they say, it’s all about details….

I’m really not into posing people for their “formal” portraits. For these pictures, I crawled up into the loft of the studio space, and asked Sena and Jovan to practice their first dance before the rehearsal.  The light streaming in from the huge windows on either side of the studio made for the most lovely soft light…

I may be a black and white photographer, but…OMG COLOR!!! 
Homer, a family member of Sena’s played the underwater music from Super Mario Brothers as people were being seated! 


Grilled Yellowtail. NOM. 

Just in time for Harry Potter!! 

For more info on Artists for Humanity Please visit their website. 

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