Regan and Tom at Artist’s for Humanity Epicenter

Hey Gang–alright it’s currently 4:46 am on Wednesday August 24th. Why am I up so early? Because there’s a cab on it’s way to our house, which is taking us to the airport, where we will get on a plane that will take us to Atlanta, where we will then get on another plane that will be taking us to THE BAHAMAS!!
I’ve been busily trying to wrap up numerous projects before I go, one of which is to get Regan and Tom’s preview up! So here we are folks! Regan and Tom at Artists for Humanity Epicenter. Regan and Tom! You guys rock! Can’t wait to work on your album!!

UPDATE: Okay It’s been about 10 days since I posted this and we’re back, safe and sound from the Bahamas. I’m added a little bit more commentary throughout the images to give them some context! Like this first image below, for example: I walked into the bedroom of their suite at the Seaport Hotel to find all the dresses hung up just like this. “We set it up for you!” squealed Danielle and Regan. Awesome. I seriously could not have set these up better myself.

I love these adorable clutches Regan got for each of her bridesmaids. Regan also told me at her timeline planning meeting that her selection of yellow and greys for her color pallet was inspired by the Lorenz Photography branding colors. BLUSH.

Regan and Danielle: possibly my all time favorite bridesmaid/bride/best friend duos ever.

Regan got ready at the Seaport, and we planned to do their first look somewhere in the neighborhood before heading over to the Epicenter. While out for a walk together earlier in the day, Regan and Tom realized we were only a few blocks from the Harpoon brewery–perfect spot for the first look!

Regan, I hope you don’t mind my saying publicly–but that husband of yours is one of the sexiest grooms I have ever had the pleasure of photographing….

So when we were done with the first look we decided to pop inside the brewery to see if there was anything fun to photograph in there. We were SO pleasantly surprised to find that they not only didn’t mind us coming in to do some pictures, but were graciously welcoming of us! Regan and Tom were met with uproarious applause from the couple hundred people in the tasting room, and Aaron, the Harpoon employee who greeted us, quickly delivered some beers to Regan and Tom before inviting us out onto the brewing floor! I was totally overwhelmed, both by how welcoming and gracious everyone was of us, but also by the wealth of photo opportunities. I had to act quickly as a new tour group was coming onto the floor in just a couple of minutes, but I think I manged to get a few pretty solid shots out on the brewing floor.

The Epicenter is one of my very favorite venues ever. There’s so much art every where it’s instantly inspiring.  Here They’re just standing in front of a big vent thingy on the wall.

Photo nerdding: Lately I’ve been experimenting with shooting at higher ISO’s and using less flash (still some, just dialing down the power), allowing more ambient light in.  Not all venues are quite right for this as sometimes the only ambient light is that terrible orange-y tungsteon light, so it’s actually somewhat better to overpower the ambient light with flash–but not when there’s UPLIGHTING! Gah, so beautiful. The color of the lights changed throughout the night, so the images were randomly coming out blue, pink, green, purple, etc. While shooting with a higher ISO means that the image isn’t quite as fine and sharp as with a lower ISO, I think it’s worth it as it’s more representative of the true atmosphere and feel of the reception. Okay nerdding over.

When Regan and I  met for our timeline planning meeting she told me that “the sausage guy” was coming at the end of the reception. Oh, what sausage guy? I asked. “The Sausage Guy! You know! The Sausage Guy! From Fenway!” I’m ashamed to say I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I didn’t realize she wasn’t just talking about some sausage guy, but about THE Sausage Guy–capital letters–who is apparently a fixture at Fenway. Six years in Boston and I’m still figuring this place out.

Regan and Tom you are the coolest and I’m so pumped that I got to photograph your wedding! THANKS THANK THANKS A MILLION TIMES!


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