Kate and Dave at Racebrook Lodge in Sheffield, MA.

Long Day/Amazing day at Racebrook Lodge.
The beautiful Ms. Kate, her main man Dave and their little boy Owen. Here we go:

Recognize this guy?? :

Once again a huge thank you to my best photo boy Mr. Eric Theodore Reed who was not only an amazing second shooter as always, but in this case also driver and personal food tour guide. 🙂

Did you spy our favorite DJ boy?? Aw yeah! You know who that is! It’s our ol’ pal DJ T-REX! Ever since he DJ’d the most epic dance party I’ve ever seen at a wedding last August, we’ve been counting the days until we get to work together again. Lucky me I get to work not one, not two but four weddings with T-Rex this year! EPIC DANCE PARTIES FOR ALL!

Photo nerdding: Again this entire set was processed using Visual Supply Company Lightroom Presets. Most of the daytime color stuff is processed with Either Fuji 160 or 400. The black and white is mostly Kodak Tri-X 400++. Daytime indoor is Fuji 800Z and Nighttime/indoor/dance party is Fuji 800Z+.

Everything captured with Beatrix, my 5DMII, and in the bag I have my 35 1.4, 50 1.4, and 85 1.2 (also known as “the sex”). While I’ve mostly gone all prime, I do keep my trusty 70-200 close by, usually for the ceremony.

You know. In case you’re interested 😉


Love and whipped cream-flavored booze,


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