Kelsey and Ben at the Preserve at Chocorua | Part II

Kelsey and Ben’s New Hampshire wedding weekend continued on into Saturday! After their intimate family and close friends ceremony and cozy fireside dinner on Friday night, they welcomed the rest of their crew to join them on Saturday for an all day celebration at the Preserve! While their guests started to assembled for cocktails and lawn games, we snuck off for some more portraits–tucked away into a little secret forest behind the barn, and then dashed off in Ben’s jeep down the road for a few more down by the lake! Kelsey kept her gorgeous cotton candy pink Carol Hannah Skirt on for the second day but switched it up with a silk tank and a cozy hand made crochet wrap her grandmother made! Ben, AKA Mr. Autumn Man switched up his dark red suit from Friday suit for a navy wool coat on Saturday.

When we returned from portraits their crew was ready and waiting for them! As was the Stoked Pizza Truck which came all the way up from Brookline to keep everyone fed! This is my FAVORITE kind of wedding dinner style! A long, extended cocktail style dinner where plates keep coming out all night long and guests are welcome to grab themselves dinner when they’re ready, sit where they’d like, stand up and mingle when they’re done and go back for more later! The pavillion was transformed from the dinner set up the night before to a beautiful cozy fire side lounge space with comfortable furniture and candles making for a perfect spot to sit and chat as the evening went on.

Guests made their way into the beautiful red barn where the dance floor was rip roaring all night long! This was truly one of the most incredibly special wedding celebrations I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of. Kelsey and Ben and their families are so incredibly warm, loving, inviting and caring. Kelsey and Ben’s flawless personal taste was expressed in their attire and in the hand made and heartfelt styling in every inch of the Preserve–from the handmade paper flowers adorning the inside of the barn to the homegrown flowers Kelsey Harvested and then gave to Jane from Kith and Kin to style for her. This entire weekend was an incredible labor of love.

There’s a little more info about the barn I’ll wait to share until the end of this post–please be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to read a little bit more about the Barn, the future plans owners Ed and Mary have for the preserve and the vision and mission this amazing family owned business has for their future couples.

Kelsey and Ben, day two!


If I didn’t already feel fortunate enough as it was to be able to experience this incredibly special place, our fortune was made clear to us when this amazing, beautiful 200 year old barn was lost a mere 3 weeks after K+B’s wedding. I saw the news on Facebook, that the barn had caught fire late on a Sunday night, and wasn’t able to be saved. Both the barn and the pavillion are gone. As heartbroken as I was to hear about this, I can only imagine the pain that couples who celebrated their weddings in this special place must feel, not to mention Ed and Mary, the amazing souls who own and operate The Preserve and put their hearts into this place. Thankfully, the beautiful main farmhouse, the Sap House (where K+B’s ceremony was held) and the cottages on the property were all spared.


Ed and Mary are rebuilding. They have posted a message about the future of the preserve and their mission to create a new space that honors the history and style of the old barn, but will be new in technology and efficiency for future enjoyment of couples and families holding their celebrations. I spoke with Samantha, head of their marketing, last night, and she had this message to share:


“We are thankful and grateful for the generations of families that had the opportunity to utilize such a historic barn; and while we are saddened by such a major loss we are looking to the future with a vision of a beautiful new barn for couples to create memories to last a lifetime in. We plan to honor the past, embrace the present, and create a brighter future. As you know we are a family owned and operated business and we are so thankful that we have been uplifted by the support of past and present couples, as well as vendors, and community members. ”


Resilient in spirit and heart, The Preserve lives on! So grateful to have been able to be a part of the Barn and it’s rich history while we had it, and so looking forward to many amazing celebrations with our amazing couples and their families in the future!


Thanks to EVERYONE involved for this amazing Celebration!

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