Dana and Zak.

Warm up for them. Fun for me.
My dear friends Dana and Zak are getting married this weekend. They’ve got some AMAZING photographers documenting their wedding day, but never had a chance to get an engagement session done. So they asked if I’d mind hanging out with them at their ridiculously cute rental house they got to relax in before the wedding, and take some pics. Just to get all the awkward out for a warm up.

DanaZak-006 DanaZak-006 DanaZak-008 DanaZak-008 DanaZak-010 DanaZak-010 DanaZak-012 DanaZak-012 DanaZak-014 DanaZak-014 DanaZak-016 DanaZak-016 DanaZak-019 DanaZak-019 DanaZak-026 DanaZak-026 DanaZak-028 DanaZak-028 DanaZak-029_1 DanaZak-029_1 DanaZak-032 DanaZak-032 DanaZak-034 DanaZak-034 DanaZak-038_1 DanaZak-038_1 DanaZak-039 DanaZak-039 DanaZak-043 DanaZak-043 DanaZak-048 DanaZak-048 DanaZak-050 DanaZak-050 DanaZak-054 DanaZak-054 DanaZak-056 DanaZak-056 DanaZak-059 DanaZak-059 DanaZak-063 DanaZak-063 DanaZak-061 DanaZak-061 DanaZak-066 DanaZak-066 DanaZak-068 DanaZak-068 DanaZak-070 DanaZak-070 DanaZak-075 DanaZak-075 DanaZak-079_1 DanaZak-079_1 DanaZak-081 DanaZak-081 DanaZak-082 DanaZak-082 DanaZak-085 DanaZak-085 DanaZak-086 DanaZak-086 DanaZak-090 DanaZak-090 DanaZak-091 DanaZak-091 DanaZak-093 DanaZak-093 DanaZak-095 DanaZak-095 DanaZak-101 DanaZak-101 DanaZak-105 DanaZak-105 DanaZak-107 DanaZak-107 DanaZak-108 DanaZak-108 DanaZak-109 DanaZak-109 DanaZak-112 DanaZak-112 DanaZak-118 DanaZak-118 DanaZak-120 DanaZak-120 DanaZak-123 DanaZak-123 DanaZak-126 DanaZak-126 DanaZak-128 DanaZak-128 DanaZak-129 DanaZak-129 DanaZak-131 DanaZak-131 DanaZak-132 DanaZak-132 DanaZak-134 DanaZak-134 DanaZak-135 DanaZak-135 DanaZak-136 DanaZak-136 DanaZak-142 DanaZak-142

Did I mention that they’re also wedding photographers? Oh and that Dana, in addition to being a friend, fellow photographer (an extremely talented one at that) is also a fellow NESoP graduate?


It’s always nerve wracking to photograph a friend, let alone a fellow photographer. They were a dream. I had so much fun photographing them, and then getting creative with processing. The above processed with VSCO Fuji FP – 100c and variations thereof. Black and whites are VSCO Polaroid 665 ++.

Thanks for a great afternoon, a fun shoot and an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles. I can’t wait to get weird with you two this weekend.

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