And Now: Tara and Jennie at the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA

So one of the great things about being a wedding photographer in the New England Area is the tight knit group of wedding professionals in the area. Some of my very  best friends are actually fellow wedding photographers–like for instance my dear friend Suz–who I met as a result of responding to a call she put out for a photographer for her friend Jennie’s wedding. Suz put Jennie and her Fiance Tara in touch with me, and lucky me they liked me enough to book me! Then a few weeks later I was at a little ladies photographer get together at Andrea Servidone’s house, where I overheard a tall blonde introduce herself to someone.
“Oh hey! You’re Suz??”


Suzanna March, right?”

“Yeah” (undoubtedly thinking, okay what’s up creeper??)

“I’m Abby! Lorenz Photography! You referred me to Tara and Jen!”

And Boom: friendzies. Suz and I have since both played together and worked together many times and both with equal joy for me. She’s a class act, a kick ass photographer, a great friend and one tough broad, ifidosaysomyself.

Love how these things work out. Not only did I make a new friend in Suz, but I also had the privilege of meeting and photographing Tara and Jennie.

Tara and Jen were planning a beautiful seaside wedding in their self-proclaimed home-away from home, Provincetown. I was THRILLED! Not only are Tara and Jen incredibly warm, friendly and FUN people, I had only ever been to P-Town one other time! Caleb and I headed down to (BTW–I know it’s “down to” the cape–but I always want to say “up to” the cape….) the Cape the night before the wedding, took ourselves out for some fried scallops and delicious beer, and the next day had a lovely lunch of oysters and lobster rolls before meeting up with Tara and Jen for their beautiful wedding. Lots lots more of this, please 🙂

Thanks again, Tara and Jen! It was an honor in the truest sense of the word to be a part of your beautiful wedding. Much love and joy to you.

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