BAM. In your FACE!!
I had been toying with the idea of offering photobooths for a while.  I tried out my first one on Katie and Brian back in September and Eric and I had such a fantastic time with it we decided to try it again for Julie and Shawn’s wedding in November. There are still definitely some kinks to be worked out, but having experimented with it a couple times we’ve definitely determined that this is something we love to do and want to do more of. Here are some faves from Julie and Shawn! One thing I knew for sure is that I generally prefer the look of photo booths with hard, direct flash instead of big soft studio light. And while I’m almost never a fan of heavy “vintage” processing, I do enjoy photo booth pics that have a grittier, grainier feel. To me, a more imperfect look is better suited for photo booth images. So for this photo booth, everything was captured with my good ol’ Canon 5D and process with Visual Supply Co Film, Fuji 800Z+ with contrast++.

Conclusion? Photo booths rule. In every single way. Our set up is pretty low key/stripped down. Just some kitschy fabric and shiny stuff hung up in the back round, strung up on a couple of light stands. Any already existing elements (like the plants off to the side here) are just a fun bonus. Since no one likes to have their picture taken with a face full of food, this gives us something fun to do while everyone is eating dinner.  As people are filing in and out to powder their nose or get some fresh air they can stop in here and have their picture taken.The results are always completely hilarious and fun, and you get a fantastic smattering of all of your guests.

Which brings me to another fantastic advantage of a photo booth–all the fun and hilarity aside, we found that there’s an excellent practical element to it as well. Many people are concerned about making sure they get shots of every single guest at their wedding. Because I don’t do table shots and/or posed group pictures,  having a photo booth is an excellent way to make sure you get at least one shot of almost every single guest. The hams can spend all night in front of this thing, while the more shy can just step in for a quick shot and get back to the party. That’s the great part–everyone can get their picture taken on their terms! I always hate interrupting people and asking them to turn and smile at me, and I stopped doing that kind of stuff long ago. With a photo booth, everyone can wait until they’re done chewing on their bacon wrapped scallop and step in front of the camera when they feel like it! It takes the pressure of guests to smile at a camera when they’re not ready for it, and we have a great time doing it. Can’t wait to do lots more of these in 2012!

As of right now, Photo booths are available as a service add on for $500 and includes a 5×5 press book with our selection of the best 50-60 images.



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