New Website New Website! Hooray!

Okay for those of you who haven’t gotten my email….

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NEW WEBSITE!!! SO excited.  I have been really pumped about this for months, when I first decided to revamp all of Lorenz Photography.  I got my logo (Thanks, Dave!), brushed up my blog, got new business cards, etc….but the one thing, the KEY thing to this whole operation, my website, was still hanging in the interwebs balance.  I’ve been nitpicking over everything–which any creative professional should do–but I was starting to get overwhelmed and afraid of the whole thing (I scare easily).  Finally, after a business meeting with Caleb (ie, he and I sitting in our pjs drinking coffee on the futon in the office), I decided that I just need to get over myself and finish this damn thing so I can really start marketing more aggressively.  Next step: brush up Google Ads….

So for those of you wondering, no I did not build the website myself; it’s a Bludomain template site.  A LOT of photographers use Bludomain and a LOT of people really look down on it.  Bludomain is great in that your template is very customizable and very easy to change at a whim (which I like because I change my mind every week on just about everything) and also pretty affordable.  What’s not great about it is that if you’re not careful, you can wind up with the EXACT same website as someone else out there.  This actually happened with my last website.  I was just browsing different Boston photographers’ websites and stumbled upon one that was literally the exact template.  Even weirder, the photographer was a NESoP grad. I had always felt like to be a wedding photographer in this Region you had to conform to a certain look–in this case I was sharing a website with someone else.  Not okay (Don’t get me wrong, her work is lovely, but it just freaked me out…).

So I decided to go bright, go fresh, go bold (ie the awesome logo made by Dave Scott) and just put myself out there. I’m pretty happy with it, but there are a couple of things I need to straighten out (like the fact that my logo can only be like a fingernail big…blerg), and I still need head shots for our info section. Also I think I need a couple more songs, as if you were to go through all the galleries, the music will start over before you’re done browsing…

Which is another issue–the edit.  For any of you who know me photographically, you might know that editing is not exactly my strong suit.  I really tried to pick my true favorites and not get caught up in what I “should” show…unfortunately I had like, 140 images which for any visitor might result in a head asplosion.  I asked Dana Smith, an instructor here at NESoP to take a look, and he put it so well: I need to trim the fat, and get rid of anything that is not the best of the best.  He said that some of the strongest images were just getting lost in the mediocre ones.  So even though I LOVE that picture of the uncle doing oyster shooters because I was there and it was SO FUNNY and such a GREAT experience, the fact is, it watering down the overall collection.  So–out went some of my “favorites” and what remains is, (I hope) the best of the best.

It’s not perfect, and I know it never will be, and I have to be okay with that. I would love to hear any feed back you’ve got–ideas for pictures that I could pull, problems loading (A friend said that it was absolutely not working on his computer at all, but it works fine on every other computer I’ve tried…) etc. 

Thanks to all of you who take a look! And as always, please feel free to spread the Lorenz Photography love around to anyone and everyone you think might also enjoy it. Thanks friends!

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