Natalie and Jon in Washington, D. C.!

Everyone, meet Jon and Natalie:

Jon and Natalie, meet everyone. Alright, now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get down to business.

Last summer I received an email from some of my fave clients, Karthik and Jessica, alerting me that their friends Natalie and Jon may be contacting me about photographing their wedding in DC.  DC, really? AWESOME!! My sister and her husband live about 30 minutes outside of DC, and the last time I visited I really liked the city.  Plus, it’s just always nice to get out of Boston and experience a new city.  From the first email I got from Natalie and Jon, I knew we were right for each other.  They had a warm and friendly energy to their writing, and seemed to really appreciate my work and “style” (a word I prefer to use loosely).  As we got to know each other via email and phone I got more and more excited about their wedding.  They both had big personalities which is something I look for in clients, and were planning a sophisticated but fun celebration at the W Hotel in downtown DC. Like–downtown downtown…like…the reception hall was on the roof and had direct views to the Washington Monument and White House. Um…OKAY!!

I can’t even begin to say how much fun we had working with Natalie and Jon.  They are clearly completely into each other which makes photographing them a BREEZE, and they had a clear vision in mind for their wedding and had lots of ideas for me photographically, but still trusted my judgment to execute the job my way.  Love. Love love love these two. Natalie was such a trooper.  It was, in fact, January, and it was cold.  I know that Natalie had wanted to get some shots outside with some famous DC landmarks in the back round, but when it came time to venture outdoors, she wasn’t so sure she wanted to brave the chilly weather.  Jon, being the gentleman he is, gave her his big warm coat, which she kept around her until right before each shot when Caleb would take it and jump out of the picture, and then hand it right back to her when the shot was done.

We wanted to do a shot “in front of” the White House. Hrm. This is not as easy as it sounds.  Big fence, lots of lookie loos, and a big ugly truck parked right in front. Blerg. I think the general idea is there though 🙂 I found that I wound up going with a lot more black and white with this wedding that usual.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE black and white (I studied black and white photography and Zone System in photography school), but my wedding work just tends to be color, color, color.  With these images I felt compelled to go more black and white than normal.  I will admit that part of this is due to the fact that this wedding was the maiden voyage of my new 5D Mark II, and I was excited to be able to work with the super high ISO capabilities…of course what you gain in ISO and exposure you also gain in digital noise.  Lightroom 3 has GREAT noise reduction capabilities, but the color definitely gets a big screwy if you push it too far.  I’m really okay with this though. Like I said I found myself going heavy on the black and white with this edit anyway.  I just feel like the black and white lends itself very well to their sophisticated yet spirited affair, and being in a historic building in a historic city, the black and white feels very appropriate.

This venue was just right up my ally.  The W Hotel in Washington, like the W in Boston is very stylish, sexy and hip…but I particularly loved the W in Washington as it beautifully blended the hip stylish look of the W with the classic American architecture of the old Hotel Washington.  Stylish and modern, but still classic. My favorite shot of the night, and by far my favorite cake “cutting” shot EVAR!

To Natalie and Jon: Thank you SO SO SO much for asking Caleb and me to photograph your wedding.  It means so much to me that you enjoy my work enough to not only fly us down to DC but to take the risk of hiring and out of town photographer! I can’t tell you what that means to me.  Happy wedding and congratulations 🙂 Love, Abby and Caleb

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