Sheena and David At the Mountain Top Inn, Rutland, Vermont.

So like. Six months ago I get a Facebook message from Sheena. Sheena, who I haven’t spoken to since high school. In Omaha. She asks if she can call me. I’m all “OH GOD WHAT’D I DO?!” cause that’s how I tend to think. I remember Sheena and her twin sister Shannon to be sweet and soft spoken.  My phone rings a minute later and I hear on the other end the voice of this sassy broad telling me she really liked the picture of my “F*ck You” socks that I posted to my Instagram the other day and that she’s getting married in June and would I be willing to travel to Vermont to photograph her wedding cause if she’s gonna hire a photographer it’s gonna be someone with awesome “F*ck You” socks. And I was all…I’m sorry this is Sheena, right??
So like duh I want to photograph this wedding cause it’s SHEENA and how awesome is that to photograph the wedding of a friend from high school. And obvs Shannon is there. Oh and it turns out that this wedding will have no more than 10 guests including me. Oh and they’re getting married on a hill top in Vermont. With horses.

Best high school class reunion ever, amirite?

Anyway. Without further adieu, Sheena and David and their little boy Logan:

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Oh and you may have noticed there were two little blond boys here. One is Logan, Sheena and David’s boy. The other is Brayden, Shannon and Brian’s boy. They’re like, two months apart.

Yup. Still doing everything together.

To the Weihes and the Sharps: Thank you so much for welcoming me into this incredibly beautiful wedding. I’m so honored that you trusted me to be a part of such an intimate day. It was great catching up with the Weihes after all these years and also getting to meet David and his family. Can’t wait to see you all again.

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