Rachel and Charlie at Mass MoCA

Getting to know Rachel and Charlie over the last year has been such a special experience. From the moment these two curled up on the couch together in my studio last winter, I sensed such a strong connection, warmth, understanding and respect between the two of them. They’re warm and inviting, humble, curious and incredibly sincere in their desire to share their love with their friends and family.

They chose to get married at the place where they shared their third date, one of my very favorite venues ever, Mass MoCA. I never tire of the beautiful drive out on Route 2 to North Adams, and this time I treated myself to a stay in a tiny house in the mountains for the weekend!

Rachel and Charlie were so trusting of me with this assignment. I often preach the importance of trusting your photographer and allowing us to lead you and create for you, and these two were all in. They put themselves in my hands, which allowed them to fully relax and be present with each other, allowing me to see the most authentic version of themselves. Rachel and Charlie thank you so much for entrusting me with your day and with the story of your love.

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