Luna, Harry and Juniper in Lincoln; Part 1

“Bob…Bob…hey Bob…Bob…Bob…hey, Bob…Bob…..” 
I adore this picture of Harry, who is painfully shy and has lots of anxiety.  It seems to me that this is his safe spot in the house, and he is very much married to it.  I love the way the light is coming in from the west, but his face is hidden in shadow.  I’m also obsessed with that soft curve of his lower back and the smushiness of the blankets…

Bob and Erica are, if nothing else, Dog Lovers.  As I mentioned above, Harry is extremely shy and is plagued with some extreme anxiety issues, with which Bob and Erica are lovingly and patiently helping him. Luna, on the other hand is a total ham, who kept running at me full speed and shoving her deflated soccer ball in my camera lens. These two are so fortunate to have Bob and Erica as their people.  Even better–Bob’s brother and sister in law live next doorwith their lab/golden/shiba mix Juniper.  Throw Olive into the mix and it was a DOG PARTY.  It was 20 degrees and I had my coat off after about 5 minutes, chasing the four of them around the backyard.  SO FUN!

Once again…thanks Bob and Erica 🙂

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