And now: Katie and Brian at Lareau Farms, Waitsfield, Vermont.

A few weeks ago, on a crisp, early Fall morning, I awoke after not very much sleep on a futon in Pepperell, MA. For me, anything before 9 am is way too early, so that the sun was just barely up was disorienting and confusing for me.  I didn’t actually wake up to the sound of my alarm tho–I had a much more natural wake up call, in the form of little feet pounding around on the floor and shrieks of excitement from a couple of tiny children.  It was kind of an awesome way to wake up, actually. These two little children just running and screaming and super happy just to be awake. If only this adult woke up every day with that kind of enthusiasm maybe I’d be able to get a thing or two done around here.
You see I had made the trek up to Pepperell where Eric lives with his wife, Sarah and their two painfully, heartbreakingly beautiful children. We were heading up to Vermont for Katie and Brian’s wedding  and getting as far as Pepperell shaved an hour off of the trek up there. So at 7am, Eric and I, with hot coffee in hand jumped into Roger Sterling (that being my grey Honda Civic, you see) and Girl Talk radio bumping in our ears, we began the three hour drive up to Waitsfield, Vermont.

I had a feeling we were in for a pretty wild day with Katie and Brian as Katie had filled me in on some of the fun details for the day, including a Klezmer band for the ceremony and cocktail hour, a children’s parade preceding Katie walking down the aisle, hay bales for seating and a Contra Dance reception (which, by the way, you can add to the list of New Englandly things this Iowa girl had never even heard of before).  The reality of the wedding tho was so far beyond what I had imagined. And since this is a photography blog, I won’t even try to explain. Let’s let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Ladies and Gentlefolks, Katie and Brian at Lareau Farm:

Once again a huge thank you to my favorite gentle giant Eric Reed for not only second shooting with me, but being a fantastic photobooth attendant (images next!), navigator on the drive up, driver on the three hour trek back to Pepperell at the end of the night when my eyes were to tired to drive in the dark, and of course–friend.

Next up: Images from Lorenz Photography’s first photobooth! The above is a couple shots of Eric and I getting her warmed up….

(by the way, who let me out of the house wearing that shirt? Ugh.)

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