Julia and Joe: A couple of sexy Brits out for a stroll at Walden pond…..

Julia and Joe hopped over from across the pond where they live in Oxford and London respectively to do a little wedding planning a couple weeks ago and while they were here we all went for a walk at Walden Pond together.  Julia, a Yankee originally from Cambridge (the American kind, that is) has been living in Oxford for eight years now and has developed this absolutely delicious American/English hybrid accent of which I am shamelessly jealous.  Joe, a handsome Welshman, lives in London where he is currently in his residency for pediatrics. I’ll be photographing their undoubtedly elegant and charming wedding in Concord and Waltham this October!

It was so hot an humid during our walk (seriously I was so gross by the time we were done!) when we came across a nice inlet into the water Joe stopped dead in his tracks and declared he would be getting his feet in the water immediately. At this point we were done shooting and just making our way back to the car park parking lot but I of course whipped my camera back out to snap a few shots of them cooling off–this wound up being one of my favorites.

Thank you Julia and Joe! Can’t wait to see you again in October!

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