And now: Ann and Josh at the Harvard Club Downtown (and Christopher Columbus park!)

Last month Ann and Josh (Skippy!) had a freaking fantastic wedding downtown.  They got ready at the Marriott Long Warf with portraits in and around the hotel and then around Christopher Columbus park. I had NO IDEA how cool it was inside the Long Wharf Marriott! The original plan was to get hitched right there in Christopher Columbus park but because it was a bit rainy they decided to move the ceremony right into the reception space at the Harvard Club Downtown–the cocktail hour space to be exact! Gah, I love working with such laid back, go with the flow couples. Many people would be so upset to not have their ceremony in the exact spot where they always dreamed it–but not these two. Nope instead they skipped the ceremony outdoors, went straight to the cocktail hour (my kinda couple ifidosaysomyself) and after everyone had arrive, they called for their guests to gather ’round for the ceremony, which they held right there with their friends and family all gathered together with cocktails and drinks in head.

Oh, and it might be worth noting that you may recognize not only Ann and Josh from Anna and John’s wedding a couple months ago, but a number of other folks in this set of photos as well–including a number of gents from the Mustache Brigade. Seriously between the amazing facial hair and the sweet dance moves, I might have to commission these guys to be add-ons to my photography services. For an extra fee you can hire a circus of ridiculous people to come be hysterical at your wedding! Between the weddings and the fact that many of these fine folks are some of my good friends, I think I may need to create some kind of Lorenz Photography Hall of Fame or something. Or like, Lorenz Photography All stars. Or Lorenz Photography Lifetime achievement awards. Well, that’s for another day. ON TO THE PHOTOS!

Another Epic wedding from this group. And if this weren’t enough–there’s another one next August when Sam and Josh get hitched! PHEW! This is going to rule.

Oh! And big thanks to Pete O’Karma from Beat Train for a killer Party! Beat Train always FTW!!

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