Happy Anniversary!

This past weekend, our good friends Bob and Erica celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary! To celebrate, they invited some friends and family to join them on a private Harbor Cruise aboard a pirate ship style yacht! Things started off with cocktails at the private Dining Room of Barbara Lynch, then a two hour cruise complete with BLT Sliders, Grey Goose and Limeade Cocktails (Helpful in pacifying my irrational fear of sailboats…), then back to the Dining Room for a 10 (TEN!) Course Tasting for dinner. If I had to summarize the whole event in three words I would have to say: Oh. My. God. 

Here are some highlights!
An a-list event deserves some paparazzi photos…

This party was in many ways the real-life version of a J-Crew catalog where everyone just happens to be just perfectly coordinated 🙂 

Off to the boat!! 
I have to admit my stomach dropped a bit when I saw that the boat was not a cruiser like I had imagined, but a big huge sailboat. With masts…and sails…and ropes…errr….

Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day! 

BLT Sliders. Yum! 
Cap’n Bob. 
Cool guy Adam. 
Beautiful Erica…

I love catching couples being all in love about it…
Back to the Dining Room…

My personal fave of the night: Individual Corn Lasagnette with Chantarelles and Truffle…o.m.g….
The main course: Sea Bass in Fennell Puree. I ate Fennell! And went on a sail boat! How’s that for facing your fears?? 
The other main course option: Pan Roasted Quail in a Wild Mushroom Ragout. 
Love Birds…

Thank you SO much, Bob and Erica, for inviting Caleb and I to be a part of this fabulous, stylish amazing celebration!  Much love and best wishes 🙂 

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