And now: Christina and Brendan on Great Diamond Island, Portland, Maine.

I need to check and see if “melting from utter hotness” is covered under my insurance equipment policy. Because I can’t even with these two.
No intro here. Let’s just get to it.

I’m like “hey guys let’s do a couple quick portraits on the ferry before we get to the Island!” I turn around and they’re giving me THIS:

Um. Yes Please. More of this.

Update: ETA the following image which I somehow forgot to include in my first post. HOW?

Seriously every moment this woman made was pure gold. I looked up and say her fussing with her veil and positively screamed at her not to move. Look at me, put your hip out. Boom.


Love seeing engagement photos IN ACTION! Christina wanted a different print from their engagement session at each table–so I suggested she get one of my favorite products, which is one of my 5×7 image boxes. Twelve 5×7 images printed and mounted on matboard and presented in a custom printed keepsake box with a magnetic closure. She got 12 gorgeous prints to display at her reception, and when it was over, she put the images back in the box, took them home and now has a beautiful , archival keepsake of her engagement session to have in her home! Hooray! Product double duty!

Ohh Christina and Brendan. What can I even say about these two? Well for one thing–neither of them lives in Maine–or is even from New England for that matter. Nope–Christina is a Chicago native currently living in Orlando, where she met Brendan who is now a Navy man.  Why Maine? Brendan’s family spent their summers on Great Diamond Island and it holds great sentimental and nostalgic value to their family. And hey lucky me! I have never been to Great Diamond Island! I was totally picturing one of the Boston Harbor Islands with like a park area where they would set up a tent or something–NO IDEA that Great Diamond Island is like practically it’s own city with homes, roads and store, a restaurant–and this great little art gallery where they had their reception. So cool! What a fantastic surprise–luscious wooded area studded with all these neat old military buildings from WWII and filled in with current/modern structures. Such an amazing place to do portraits.

AND THE PORTRAITS! Are you kidding me with these two? Ordinarily I have a kind of light touch with posing and directing portraits, but these two just totally nailed it and between their really really ridiculously good looks and the gorgeous light I had never felt so inspired while doing portraits. All the sudden I found myself giving more posing direction than I ever have, and Christina and Brendan just nailed it. It helped that Brendan has a backround in photography so I think if nothing else he had a sense of what I was going for–and Christina was just a natural in front of the camera. These two go down as Lorenz Photography all stars.


Oops! When I posted this it was at like 2am and after I had already been in bed for a while but couldn’t sleep. I FORGOT TO MENTION that Christina and Brendan’s wedding was so fun for me for all of the obvious reasons (wicked hot couple, beautiful surroundings etc) but because this was the first time in something like TWO YEARS that I have gotten to shoot with one of my very favoritest people in the whole wide world, Eric Reed:

Who is doing his very best art face for me while I was testing some settings.

Eric is a super talented photographer, obnoxiously enthusiastic fly fisherman, and co-conspirator with his wife, Sarah, as the maker of beautiful children.

AND as it turns out: he is totally pro at moving super hot ladies up and down off of big stone structures.

Eric, Christina, Brendan, Great Diamond Island–one of the best days of my life.

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