And Now: Julia and Joe at the Gore Place in Waltham

This is what I love about my job.
The last blog post I did was about an amazing wedding that was part Cyndi Lauper, part Mad Men, with outrageous colors and headwear and a cake that looked like a space alien and indie music and on and on and on.

And then a couple weeks later, I get to go play with Julia and Joe…my beautiful Brits who had a stunningly sophisticated, elegant but not at all stuffy wedding at The Gore Place in Waltham. My clients are all so deliciously unique. I’ve never done the same kind of wedding twice. It keeps me excited, stimulated, creative, challenged. One week I’m in Southie shooting in a big industrial art space, the next week I’m strolling around in a grove of trees in Waltham.

Julia and Joe live in England, Julia in Oxford and Joe in London. Julia is actually originally from Cambridge. But not that Cambridge–this Cambridge! And only about a two miles away from where I live in fact! Julia moved to Oxford years ago for school and wound up staying.  It’s fascinating really, she’s American but now has this pronounced English accent, but in a kind of modified American way. Not totally English, but definitely not American anymore. Makes me wonder how much longer it’s going to be before I start dropping my r’s (my mom claims she’s caught me doing it from time to time…)

What I especially loved about J+J’s wedding was how it was a fantastic blend of old-school New England and, well, Old England. They were married at an old Congregational Church in Concord, and their reception was at the historical Gore place in Waltham. The men wore traditional English Morning coats (J+J if I’m totally butchering all of this please excuse me and educate my uncultured ass), many of the English women wore amazing fascinators, Joe and his Groomsmen all wore colorful red socks (a Welsh tradition, if I remember correctly?), when they left their ceremony, there was a traditional English Hackney cab waiting to whisk them away and at the reception they had a “traditiona” English fruitcake for their wedding cake, which they just about needed a machete to cut through.  J+J’s wedding was just perfect: Sophisticated but not snobby, classy but not pretentious, and very, very authentic. I’m so thrilled to have been able to work with Julia and Joe and their families on this lovely, cloudy, chilly October day…

And of course, big thanks to my main photography man, Eric Reed, for coming along for the ride on this one 🙂

Julia’s amazing flowers came from Petaleana, who’s work I was familiar with but had never had the pleasure of working with them! Also have to mention the awesomesauce partay times thanks to the Sultans of Swing! Can’t wait to work with all of these fabulous professionals again!

Oh, and while I’m at it, it might also be worth mentioning that J+J’s blog feature and Carlene and Nick’s blog feature was processed entirely with the New Visual Supply Company film presets. I am always VERY skeptical of anything that claims to a) emulate film and b) REALLY change my work flow and/or creative process. I took the bait and picked up the new VSCO film and….well….let’s just say I’ve been chewing on a big slice of humble pie the last couple of days….full blog post on the new VSCO film and my review of it coming soon.

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