Kate. Dave. Owen. Family time.

In lieu of a regular engagement session, Kate and Dave asked if we could do more of a family session to include their big boy Owen.
My answer?


Saturday at the park with a good-lookin’ family? OKAY.

(photo-nerdding involving processing and gear at the end of the post!)


Little boy fall down go boom.

Owen’s Kate and Dave’s wedding is next month out in Sheffield, MA and will be the perfect storm of awesomeness: not only is it Kate, Dave and Owen, it’s the first wedding of the year with my main man Eric, AND the first of many weddings I’ll be shooting with my fave DJ Boy T-Rex!

This year is going to RULE.

Oh, as for the photo nerdding. I was recently very inspired my a couple of my favorite photographers, Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser of The Image is Found. I went to one of their shoot shops in December and walked out with my head swirling with inspiration, ideas and generalized frenzy. Of everything I took away from my time with them, I think the thing that stuck out for me the most, personally was the discussion about always putting forth new challenges for oneself–to try to break out of creative ruts and always do something new with every shoot. Nate recently shot a wedding in which he used one prime lens on manual focus at F11 all day. The results blew my EFFING MIND. So, feeling inspired and wanting to also challenge myself, I took this family shoot as an opportunity to try something new. I rented the 24mm F1.4 lens (which I’d never used) from Lens Pro to Go, and set my aperture to F11. I DO shoot on aperture priority usually (BIG WHOOP WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!) so I stuck with that, and I wasn’t quite brave enough to try manual focus, so I stuck with AF for this one. But hey, new lens, and shooting stopped down to F11? I can safely say those were two very new ventures for this little photographer.

Shot with Canon 5DMII, Canon 24mm 1.4, F11, processed with VSCO film Fuji 160.



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