Engaged! Tom and Sonia in Pinehurst, North Carolina!

Now Look.

I always said, if/when Thomas gets married, I’m not going to photograph his wedding. No way in hell am I going to “work” at my brother’s wedding! (Quotes because my job rules so hard I have a hard time calling it “work”) And not just any brother’s wedding–Thomas’s wedding, which will undoubtedly be totally kick ass and amazing with tons of great music (that is, if he’ll deign to play anything but Rush or Zappa during the reception) and will be styled creatively and beautifully and would just be an all around incredible party.  No way am I going to work at any party that my brother would throw.


I get a call from my brother (seriously, why is he calling me? Can’t we all just TEXT?!) on a random Tuesday night last month “Hey, aren’t you guys still in Guatemala?” I ask.  Oh no, he says, they’re already on their way back to Lakeland (Florida).  Okay cool. What’s up? He then proceeds to ask “Hey, uh, you know how you always said you’d never photograph my wedding if I got married?” Um, yes. I will not be doing that. Sorry. “Are you sure??” Huh?? “Are you really sure about that??” Uh, what does that mean??

“Because we just got engaged.”

Cue me running around my apartment (alone) screaming at the top of my lungs a stream of happy but nonetheless profane obscenities.  SO THRILLED. SO EFFING THRILLED.  So I pick the phone back up and try to collect myself.  “So,” he continues “will you photograph our wedding??”


This is followed by a playful argument in which I tell him I’ll take some pictures, but I will not be the primary photographer.  No way, no how.  But I would be happy to refer them a number of other awesome photographers.  Then he said something that broke my heart (in a good way):

“Abby–we don’t want anyone else to do it.  You have to do it. We want you to do it”


“She’ll do it” he tells Sonia.  Cue Sonia on the other end screaming in delight–but unlike me Sonia uses words like “flipping” and “heck yes!” So hers was undoubtedly much more adorable than mine.

Luckily, this year was our turn to be with the Lorenz’s for the Holidays.  Even Luckier, Sonia was coming too!! I couldn’t have asked for more fun “props” for this engagement shoot: We had my dad’s 64 Mustang, Tom and Sonia’s two dogs Friday and Maggie, Sonia in a bright yellow coat and super cute hat, both of them in lime green socks, and my brother with a bright orange beard. What more could this photographer ask for??

Yes. This car comes from Grundy county in Iowa, where my dad grew up 🙂

This next image (on the left) I admit–it’s not necessarily the most exciting picture I’ve ever made but I couldn’t resist including it here because he looks exactly. like. my Grandpa Don.  Exact same smile, same eyes.  Amazing.

Sonia: Such a natural beauty. She pretty much photographs herself. Oh, and then my dad showed up. In case you’re wondering his truck is also red 🙂 He takes his Cyclones team colors very, very seriously. See the little Iowa State logo on the side of his hat? Yeah. It’s in our blood. Our red and gold blood.Yuengling! We forgot to get a case of Yuengling before driving back to Boston! No!!!Can I also just say that, my uncontrollable excitement at the news that Thomas was engaged was not just that he was engaged, but that he was engaged to this little lady.  Sonia. We spent a weekend with these two at their place in Florida a couple months ago and I was completely smitten with her.  She’s smart, opinionated, thoughtful, inquisitive, incredibly sweet and best of all–funny. I happen to think that my brother is just about the best guy ever (except for Caleb obvs), so I was always curious who he might wind up with.  While I don’t believe that any two people are “perfect” for one another, I think that these two are just about as close as you can get.

These two? Getting married on a beach somewhere warm and sunny? Oh alright. If you’re going to twist my arm about it…I guess I just  HAVE to photograph their wedding….

(Seriously–this is going to rule)

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