Emily and Adam.

Story time. Ready? Okay here we go:

A LONG LONG time ago, in a far away land called IOWA, I went to college at Iowa State University.  I kind of flounced about a bit, not really sure what I wanted to do there, but I knew that I wanted to take all the film (as in–movie) classes I could take.  So my Junior year I took a film class that rotated topics from semester to semester.  That semester, it was Film Noir and it was taught by Dr. Loring Silet.  You guys, this professor rocked my face off.  He was total no bull sh*t, everyone pay attention, do your work and don’t screw around in my class kind of professor.  He absolutely commanded attention and respect, and everyone in that class obliged.  I’ll never forget when he first walked in to the class room and he shouted for everyone to move up to the four front rows–I’ve never see 65 people move in unison so quickly. Because this class rotated topics every semester, you were allowed to take it twice for credit, so needless to say, I took it again the next year when the topic was Hitchcock films (seriously–awesome).

Don’t worry I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.

Fast forward about a year and a half, little ol’ 21 year old Abby moves out to Boston with her boyfriend Caleb.  I contacted professor Silet and asked him if I could possibly list him as a reference on job applications (bah, job applications!)  He quickly responded, told me to stop calling him Dr. Silet and call him Loring, encouraged me to provide his info on my resume.  He went on to say that he actually has a daughter in the Boston area whose married to a “computer guy” and we would probably get along quite well, and gave me her email address. Turns out Emily actually grew up in Ames (where ISU is) so I immediately felt happy to know I would be meeting not only a fellow Midwestern-er–but an IOWAN at that!

5 1/2 years later, I’m thrilled to say that our first friends in Boston are still our oldest and dearest friends in Boston.  Emily, a curator at Decordova, and Adam, a software engineer, have been with us through everything in Boston.  From my first few horrible jobs here, to deciding to go to photography school, through our wedding (at which Emily gave an absolutely hysterical speech encouraging our guests to sing to us), to the start of my business and now finally to Caleb’s completion of his PhD.

A LOT has changed for us in the last 5 1/2 years.  And now a LOT is about to change for Em and Adam as they are anticipating the arrival of their first baby, a boy due in April.  When I offered to do their “maternity” pictures, I knew right away that I wanted make images that were less focused on the whole baby belly thing and more focused on who Emily and Adam are right now in their lives.  These two have lived in Harvard Square for nine years and they love the city, so I knew I wanted to photograph them spending an afternoon together, walking around, getting cupcakes and just generally enjoying their lives.  I definitely want to do more shoots like this with expectant parents.  I think it’s a beautiful way to commemorate this time in their lives and celebrate their relationship and their love. I think Emily and Adam were a fantastic example of that–two young people, totally in love and embarking on a new project in their lives.

So without further adieu, may I present Emily and Adam:

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