Winnie and Gary at the Crane Estate!

Well kids it finally happened.
Every wedding I go to there’s usually some little snafu that has a bride or groom stressed out. I always do my best to help them remain calm and relaxed.

So how’s this one for you? When I show up at Winnie’s house a couple weekends ago, she cheerily greets me at the door, and with a huge ear to ear smile and a big giggle she informs me that

“My dress isn’t here!”

Um. What?

“Yup! No dress. But it’s okay. We have a backup.”

I think that I’ve encountered some adverse scenarios in all my years of doing this–you know, a tiny spot on the skirt, a wrinkle here or there, a busted hook and eye (seriously how come those things NEVER hold?)…but never have I ever encountered a NO DRESS situation.

I won’t go into detail. But I will say that Winnie and Gary had custom made Chinese wedding attire made special for them. Winnie had a red dress with a big detachable train which then converted into a kicky little cocktail dress for the reception, and Gary had a matching red formal suit.

Come Wedding day? Nothing.

Visions of hysterical screaming and crying flash before my eyes. But these two? Nope. Not them. Winnie whips out an adorable little red dress with a ruffly skirt, and Gary hauled ass to Men’s Wearhouse where he purchased a new suit with some coordinating colors.

Because for these two, the important thing was being together, being with their families, eating their amazing authentic Chinese dinner, and just being married. Which is precisely what they did.

You may have noticed there were no “formal” portraits of Winnie and Gary in this set. That’s because when they finally do get their outfits we’re going to schedule a day and go back up to the Crane Estate and do a whole separate proper shoot.

Oh also! NESoP REUNION! Winnie was a student at NESoP while I was working in the stockroom part time. I show up for the wedding and who’s there but Katherine, another NESoP student! And then I turned around and Dougie (who also worked int he stockroom) and another student, Brian, show up to do video! Not to mention a few other students here and there at the reception. Hooray!

Gary and Winnie: I am sincerely floored by how amazingly well you handled everything that day. I’m thrilled you were able to laugh it off, and focus on the important stuff on your wedding day. You two are absolutely incredible.

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