Christina and Brendan

How’s this for awesome: I wake up one morning to an email from one Christina from Orlando inquiring about my wedding services.  To my delight her email was FULL OF CAPS!!! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS! And smiley faces 🙂 !! And lots of extra extra vowels for emphaasssiiiis! And I thought Oh God is she ME?

Turns out she is not me, she is Christina, and she and her fiance Brendan are getting hitched in Portland in September! I LOVE PORTLAND. If we stay in New England forever, I want to live in Portland. The harbor! The Ocean! The Beer! What a wonderful place it is.  Being that they were in Orlando we arranged for a Skype meeting a few days later, and then five days after that, I was picking them up at the airport! Totally surreal. Inquiry, meeting, flight to Boston. Bing, bang, boom. Huh?  As it turns out Brendan is actually joining the Navy and will be leaving for boot camp in a couple of weeks.  They wanted to be able to take advantage of the complimentary engagement shoot I include in all my packages, so they hopped on a plane and flew up to Boston FOR THE DAY.


Seriously, how special does that make me feel? They came all the way from Orlando just for our e-session. This was an oh shucks moment if there ever was one.

Christina had actually never even BEEN to Boston, and Brendan had only been here once, so they really weren’t sure where they wanted to do the shoot around the city.  Brendan, being the clearly very clever guy that he is says to me during our Skype meeting “Hey wait–isn’t the USS Constitution in Boston?” Why yes it is….So, since Brendan is joining the Navy, doing our shoot in the Charlestown Navy yard was clearly the answer we were looking for. So Monday morning, I picked these two up at the airport, took them to lunch at Eastern Standard, and then we tralala’d around Charlestown and the North End for the afternoon.

Oh and in case you were wondering: Yes it was rather cold out. But these two Floridians (Well, Christina’s originally from Chicago) WERE TOUGH COOKIES.

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