Melissa and Erik on Castle Island.

I knew for sure we’d have to reschedule our shoot.  That morning it was so cold and raining on and off.  I don’t mind shooting in the cold, but wet cold is a different story. I was so bummed. Melissa and I said we’d wait it out and see what the weather looked like by 1pm. When we spoke on the phone later, he said she didn’t mind the cold and she was ready to go. I said great, let’s just have fun with it–I love boots and scarves and we’ll just bundle up and make the most of it.
An hour later, as I’m getting ready to go, I’m putting on my winter coat and I look outside to see that the rain has stopped and there might even be a tiny bit of sky coming through. Oh okay. Maybe we won’t be so cold after all.

And in the 20 minutes it took me to drive from Watertown to Castle Island, I watched as the clouds dissolved, the blue sky came out and the sun showed up. What started out as a miserably cold, soggy day, turned into a stunningly beautiful afternoon.

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To think we were THIS CLOSE to canceling that day…

Thanks for bringing the beautiful day with you, Melissa and Erik. So looking forward to your winter wedding at the State Room in February!

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