Emma and Adam at Castle Hill Resort, Vermont.

On one fateful Friday afternoon, this little photographer packed up her bag with all of her shit, got in the car, armed with a fresh 16 oz Red Bull, her super sweet aviators, a tank full of gas in the Honda Civic, and LCD Soundsystem loaded up on the iPod and hit the not so open road (ie, 90 west at 5pm on a Friday). Where was she headed?
To Pepperell, Mass where she would be meeting up with her best photo boy, Eric, for Naragansset Summers and American Spirits on the porch. The next morning, they would hit the (actually) open road, with GPS aimed at Castle Hill Resort and Spa in Ludlow, Vermont.

I had never actually met Emma and Adam in person before the wedding day. Oddly enough though I had met Adam’s sister…brother in law…and his parents. You see Adam’s sister Dana and her husband were actually our old housemates from when we lived in Somerville years ago. I was so flattered with Adam emailed me last winter to inquire about Lorenz Photography, on the recommendation of Dana. WAHOO!

I knew I was in store for a pretty unique affair. Even though I had never met Adam and Emma until the wedding day I knew they were incredibly detail oriented and were very concerned with making their wedding day unique to them as a couple and representative of their families (his from Pitssburgh, hers from Ireland).

The reality of the wedding day was beyond what I had imagined. I would try to explain it but….you’re probably bored by now and just want to look at the picutres, right?




AS ALWAYS HUGE thanks to my best photo boy Eric for coming along for this one, not only being a bad ass mutha effin second photographer, but support and joke teller throughout the day. You are the best.


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