Amanda and Brian, Backyard wedding in Barnstable…

I’ve known Amanda for years. She’s the artistic genius behind several of my tattoos (as is the pretty lady in the yellow dress also pictured below), and we’ve grown to be friends over the years. Her artwork is brilliant and the skill with which she executes her craft is beyond. I can’t explain it. You just have to see. So imagine how honored I felt when this amazing woman who’s artwork and talent I was already in awe of, asked me to photograph her wedding. It’s such an honor for ANYONE to ask me to be their photographer–but when it’s a friend and fellow artist it’s on another level. I’m so thrilled I got to be there for Amanda’s wedding to Brian. I didn’t know Brian all that well until their wedding in July–but hearing the words they exchanged during their ceremony, I got to see the incredible connection and passion these two have for each other. They’re profoundly in love and deeply connected–but clearly have so much fun being goofballs together at the same time. This day was such a joy and I’m so grateful I got to create something for Amanda and Brian.

Thanks, guys. This ones for you:

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