Cambridge Wedding Photography: Lauren and DJ at Oleana!

A couple weeks ago I got an email from Lauren–she and her fiance needed a wedding photographer, like, now. In 10 days, in fact. So I threw on my super hero photographer cape and it was Lorenz Photography to the rescue!
DJ and Lauren were actually not planning on getting married for a little while, but as life’s little surprises would have it, they needed to get married a little sooner 😉 When I met with Lauren and DJ for coffee last week, I immediately got a sense of how much this couple was just completely over the moon for each other.  They couldn’t stop giggling, nor could they keep their hands off each other.  At the wedding Caleb commented that they were the most outwardly affectionate couple we’d ever worked with.

Lauren also mentioned that the wedding would be a rather light-hearted, very humorous affair (music to this photographer’s ears), and she was not lying.  Lauren was the most laugh-tastic bride I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Nothing better than a happy, laughy, smiley bride….

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