Ashley and Brian at Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

AshleyBrian-365 AshleyBrian-365

When it’s right it’s just right. And they were right. And this day was right. Ashley and Brian at Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center 

AshleyBrian-026 AshleyBrian-026 AshleyBrian-008 AshleyBrian-008 AshleyBrian-003 AshleyBrian-003 AshleyBrian-023 AshleyBrian-023 AshleyBrian-019 AshleyBrian-019 AshleyBrian-024 AshleyBrian-024 AshleyBrian-029 AshleyBrian-029 AshleyBrian-052 AshleyBrian-052 AshleyBrian-056 AshleyBrian-056 AshleyBrian-084 AshleyBrian-084 AshleyBrian-070 AshleyBrian-070 AshleyBrian-078 AshleyBrian-078 AshleyBrian-093 AshleyBrian-093 AshleyBrian-106 AshleyBrian-106 AshleyBrian-130 AshleyBrian-130 AshleyBrian-140 AshleyBrian-140 AshleyBrian-143 AshleyBrian-143 AshleyBrian-151 AshleyBrian-151 AshleyBrian-153 AshleyBrian-153 AshleyBrian-179 AshleyBrian-179 AshleyBrian-193 AshleyBrian-193 AshleyBrian-203 AshleyBrian-203 AshleyBrian-242 AshleyBrian-242 AshleyBrian-265 AshleyBrian-265 AshleyBrian-287 AshleyBrian-287 AshleyBrian-352 AshleyBrian-352 AshleyBrian-355 AshleyBrian-355 AshleyBrian-358 AshleyBrian-358 AshleyBrian-226 AshleyBrian-226 AshleyBrian-364 AshleyBrian-364 AshleyBrian-376 AshleyBrian-376 AshleyBrian-384 AshleyBrian-384 AshleyBrian-389 AshleyBrian-389 AshleyBrian-391 AshleyBrian-391 AshleyBrian-424 AshleyBrian-424 AshleyBrian-429 AshleyBrian-429 AshleyBrian-430 AshleyBrian-430 AshleyBrian-438 AshleyBrian-438 AshleyBrian-464 AshleyBrian-464 AshleyBrian-475 AshleyBrian-475 AshleyBrian-480 AshleyBrian-480 AshleyBrian-482 AshleyBrian-482 AshleyBrian-486 AshleyBrian-486 AshleyBrian-487 AshleyBrian-487 AshleyBrian-492 AshleyBrian-492 AshleyBrian-511 AshleyBrian-511 AshleyBrian-519 AshleyBrian-519 AshleyBrian-558 AshleyBrian-558 AshleyBrian-563 AshleyBrian-563 AshleyBrian-570 AshleyBrian-570 AshleyBrian-583 AshleyBrian-583 AshleyBrian-593 AshleyBrian-593 AshleyBrian-603 AshleyBrian-603 AshleyBrian-647 AshleyBrian-647 AshleyBrian-656 AshleyBrian-656 AshleyBrian-661 AshleyBrian-661 AshleyBrian-663 AshleyBrian-663 AshleyBrian-666 AshleyBrian-666 AshleyBrian-677 AshleyBrian-677 AshleyBrian-682 AshleyBrian-682 AshleyBrian-684 AshleyBrian-684 AshleyBrian-686 AshleyBrian-686 AshleyBrian-693 AshleyBrian-693 AshleyBrian-698 AshleyBrian-698 AshleyBrian-701 AshleyBrian-701 AshleyBrian-702 AshleyBrian-702 AshleyBrian-704 AshleyBrian-704 AshleyBrian-706 AshleyBrian-706 AshleyBrian-708 AshleyBrian-708 AshleyBrian-727 AshleyBrian-727 AshleyBrian-728 AshleyBrian-728 AshleyBrian-729 AshleyBrian-729 AshleyBrian-733 AshleyBrian-733 AshleyBrian-735 AshleyBrian-735 AshleyBrian-730 AshleyBrian-730

Ashley and Brian, I don’t know what to say. You were both a dream to work with from beginning to end. Thank you for not only inviting me into your day but trusting me to carry out the vision of your story. You were wonderful and I’m so thrilled to know you both.

I once again had the esteemed honor of working along side Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal and Events who styled and coordinated Ashley and Brian’s utterly flawless day. Mandy is a 100% class act every step of the way, while remaining effortlessly relaxed and fun. Mandy you are a joy to not only work with but to be friends with. Thank you a million times.

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