And now for something completely different: Emily + Adam + Henry + Pops at the park in Cambridge.

So, as you may or may not remember, last winter I took some pictures of Emily and Adam when they were expecting their first baby, a boy who was due a couple months later. Well, as nature tends to do, that baby came and now that baby is like a real live person. It’s totally weird.  He’s like, crawling and drooling and snotting and babbling and just generally breaking my heart with his electric blue eyes and completely outrageous smile.  He’s six months now which is always a great milestone for a family shoot. I met up with Em and Adam who had just picked up Em’s dad Loring at the airport earlier in the day, so we had the added bonus of having Pops in tow!

Pops demonstrating his excellent monkey shaking skillz. (please don’t kill me for this one, Loring!)

Love them 🙂

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