Bwah! Oldies but goodies…

So you know how when you try to clean out your house, you always come accross stuff you hadn’t seen or thought about for years, and your whole project gets held up because you wind up ooh-ing and aahhing over t-shirts and pictures, and random junk?

Well…turns out it’s the same thing when you’re trying to clean our your hard drive…


I did these pictures in my first year at NESoP…I believe this was for our speedlite assignment from Steve-O’s 2nd term digital class.  Since college I’ve been obsessed with film noir and I’ve had it in my head since becoming a photographer that I would do a project about fear in the style of film noir…this was my first and sadly last attempt. Not for any good reason of course–I have this weird fear about my creative endeavors: I get these ideas that I’m really excited about, but I never really do anything about them because I’m too afraid it will be dumb or the pictures will suck–perfectionistic tendencies, blah blah…it’s very annoying, if for no other reason than I’ve got all these images in my head taking up space and nagging me….I think that to really do these right, I would have to do them in at least medium format black and white, if not 4×5. 

Anyway–the pretty lady to my right on the couch there is my dear friend Jess Stambaugh, with whom I graduated in the Fine Art Black and White program in 2008.  Lovely lady…awesome photographer, killer bartender and champion whiskey drinker.

FUN!: Free portrait shoot to the person who can correctly name the movie that this picture is referencing….(And I know I’ve already told some of you–so you don’t count!)

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