And now: Thomas and Sonia in Nassau, Bahamas. A Hurricane Themed Wedding.

So because I work from home, I tend to be a bit isolated from the real world. I forget to read the news sometimes. So when Thomas texted me from the resort where we were to be going in a couple of days for their wedding and said “Going to be an interesting week….” I wasn’t sure what he meant. I just thought he was referring to the impending shit show that would surely  be Thomas and Sonia’s wedding week in the Bahamas. You see our sister Kelly got married in Jamaica a few years ago and…well…let’s just say someone wound up in a fountain at 2am the second night we were there (NOT ME)…and a bunch of people wound up naked in the ocean the night of the wedding (um…shut up). So, we were prepared for a crazy week.  So when Thomas sent me that text I was all “haha yeah, right? Picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!” Which then of course led to one of our movie quote text conversations in which he informed me that he was at the lobby bar, right in the lobby, which was confusing to me because I didn’t think they opened for another 45 minutes, but it turned out the bartender was cool and didn’t mind if  they waited at the bar.
I was way off.

Turns out there was a HURRICANE coming through that week! A lovely lady named Irene. Hooray! Thomas and Sonia got in on Monday but we were arriving Wednesday. Despite all the raised eye brows and skeptical questions of “uh…are you going to be able to get there??” that we were getting, I was unphased by this news. Bah–it’ll be fine (which is kind of my life motto…which is not always a good thing). We’ll get there. If we can just get there, and get to the open bar, we’ll be set.

And get there we did. No problems whatsoever actually. We rolled in Wednesday afternoon to a rather breezy, but still warm and sunny Nassau. We got settled in and promptly set up at the lobby bar, found Thomas and Sonia and all of our family and were all squeeing with excitement that we were all together and going to have a wild time.

The rest of the story I’m going to save for the next blog post. Because the rest of the story–is an entirely different story, actually. It involves us being evacuated from our rooms at 2am and escorted to the hotel ballroom, where we found the other 500 hotel guests all sleeping on the floor, under tables, inside little bunkers made of bookshelves and blankets…we were about 40 miles away from the eye of Irene which was set to hit in just a few hours….but like I said that’s another story…

In the end we weathered the storm, everyone was safe and sound, and it didn’t even remotely slow our party. The day of the wedding it was hot (SO HOT) and sunny and everything went off without a hitch. Well. Sort of. But the Lorenz’s and the Wades made the very best of everything and despite the weather or the lack of open bar for 24 hours, we had a wild time.

That’s enough yammering from me. Here’s the pictures:

Can you take a WILD GUESS as to who’s sister this is??

My sister’s husband, Jesse is a Marine.  As Thomas was getting ready Jesse called shenanigans on Thomas’ slightly uneven neckline and had to fix it.

Just my way of making sure I as the groom’s sister am in some of the pictures too 🙂

That big bald bear is our dad 🙂 The tallest of the Lorenz clan at a solid 6’4″

Please make note of the second to last bullet on this advisory.  WAT.

As you can probably guess this picture was not actually taken by me. Sonia’s best friend/their officiant, Lauren took over for me as second shooter for the images I had to be in.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, at 5’10” I am the shortest in the family. Dad at 6’4″, Mom 5’11”, Thomas 6’3″ and Kelly at 6″.

So at this point Irene had come and gone–this was 2 days after she hit, so the weather was back to being beautiful, warm, sunny beach weather. Of course ten minutes before the ceremony started, the daily 4pm thunderstorm decided to roll on through, and everyone had to crowd underneath the gazebo while we waited for it to pass:

And pass it did–15 minutes later everyone took their seats again and Sonia and her father walked down for the ceremony.

Aaaannnddd then it started pouring again, even harder than the first time, and everyone had to rush underneath the gazebo once again. At this point though it was game on, so that’s how the ceremony was held–with all 25 of us crowded in a gazebo the size of a bathroom, with sideways rain drenching us and Thomas and Sonia practially yelling their vows to each other of the sound of the pouring rain and thunder and wind. It was absolutely beautiful. I shot the whole ceremony not 2 feet from where the bride and groom were standing, and shot the whole thing with my new 35mm 1.4. Thank god I decided to take the plunge and just buy the damn thing before this wedding….

Their cocktail hour was moved inside where we all went in to warm up and dry off with gin and tonics and conch fritters (seriously the conch fritters, you guys? OMG). Of course just like that the clouds passed and the sun came out, so we headed out for portraits:

These are the steel storm shutters that were tacked all over the windows around the entire resort. A few days later the hurricane had passed but there were many of these still in place…

Well we’re in the Bahamas so obviously we’re going to do portraits on the beach right? Nah. Why do beach when we can do portraits in the wreckage of Irene? Like this massive tree that was completely on its side:

So there you have it! No reception pictures for this wedding because there wasn’t one! Well, there sort of was, if you consider my whole family taking over the piano bar and singing like drunken sailors until 1 in the morning and then moving the party out onto the front steps of the resort where Thomas kept delivering trays and trays of gin and tonics until 3 am a reception.

Actually that is a pretty bomb reception. But not one that I was bringing my camera to 🙂



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