Boston Wedding Photography: Karthik and Jessica at The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center!

The pressure was on for Karthik and Jessica’s colorful, spirited wedding on Saturday.  For one–I didn’t actually meet them in person until last Thursday, so that’s always a bit nerve racking.  But secondly–Karthik, the sweet, wonderful and excited groom that he was, told me several times about how freaking pumped he was that I was going to be photographing his wedding, and that he had been sending my blog around to all his friends and bragging about me. 

Oh great.  No pressure or anything!! As if I’m not already nervous enough as it is before ANY wedding–now I’ve really gotta bring it….

This was the second to last picture I took of the night, after which I took a GIANT sigh of RELIEF that I pulled it off 🙂

Thank you, so much, Karthik and Jess, for inviting me into this incredibly awesome, fun, personal, spirited affair!!

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