Lauren and Brandon. Drrrtty Dancing.

Dancing Dirty.

Lauren: Hey Abby, Brandon and I want to do a color chalk fight for our engagement pictures. Is that okay with you?

Me: Sure. But only if you dance around in a big empty old church that’s under construction.

Brandon: Cool. Oh hey wanna go do some shots of Jameson?

Me: Um. YEAH. But only if Lauren will jump up on this railing against this chain link fence over looking the Pike. Cool?


Not bad, right?

BTW, you might be asking yourself, oh, hey is she a dancer? In fact she is! Not only is she a dancer but she’s a trainer and Zumba instructor!  She does a Saturday morning Zumba class that is open to the public every Saturday morning! Do yourself a favor and check out Lauren’s website here, which is chock full of great information on healthy eating, fitness tricks and tips, YouTube videos that demonstrate her Zumba routines and information on how to take her classes.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to the gym myself 🙂

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