Boston Engagement Photography: Carlene and Nick at the Topsfield fair!

I’ve been so lucky this year to have found a number of clients who really seem to “get” what I’m into, and we really see eye to eye on what we find appealing artistically.  I think that’s one of the great things about my job–I can really put myself out there and I’m fortunate to have a client base who responds to it.  Case in point: Carlene.  When discussing ideas for Carlene and Nick’s engagement session I said it would be fun to take advantage of New Engalnd in the Fall and I suggested maybe going to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.  Carlene had a better idea: The Topsfield Fair. At Night. AWESOME.

Most of you who know me know that I’m kind of a fly my the seat of my pants kind of photographer. I often can’t be bothered with a tripod because I just want to SHOOT AND SHOOT NOW! That could very well me by ADD talking but I like to think that it’s because I’m just so adorably impulsive (right). Either way–slowing down is typically not my forte (unless were talking 4×5 black and white, but that’s another story….).  So when Carlene suggested the fair at night I got super excited to try something new and different, and to challenge myself to slow down, which would be essential as night photography requires a little (a lot) more precise decision making, versus my typical method of “Okay let’s just go for it and see what happens!”

Also awesome: Nick is a hobbyist photographer and is a big Holga enthusiast, so they asked me to shoot a little bit of color Holga.  Because we got started a little later than planned, I didn’t have as much daylight to work with so I didn’t get as much Holga in as I was hoping, but what I got I’m pretty happy with.  I even did some long exposures with the Holga which I’ve never done before! The Zone System photographer in me was screaming with anxiety as I held the shutter open on the Holga for oh, ya know, 8, 10, whatever seconds–but that’s the beauty of Holga.  It forces you to give up control, to screw up, and to try again until you get it right.  I certainly didn’t nail the whole roll but I got a few shots that I’m happy with considering color film, Holga, night photography are all typically words that give me the willies.

Carlene really went all out with her engagement shoot, hiring a makeup artist to do some pin-up style hair and make up for her, so I dropped by a few minutes early to catch that….

Cat true to size: Because we got started a tad late I was getting nervous about not getting enough shots so I was sneakily (or maybe not so?) photographing Carlene in he side mirror from the back seat 🙂 (Holga)Blond Zooey Deschanel? Anyone?(Holga: Kodak Portra VC 400 on a tripod on bulb–just told Carlene and Nick to hold as still as possible held the shutter down for about 8 seconds or so)

(not Holga.  Just motion blur)

Super excited to shoot Carlene and Nick’s wedding next October at Artists for Humanity Epicenter! One of my fave fave fave venues ever. Thanks, guys!

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