Lauren and Michael | North Shore Elopement


Life is funny and works in funny ways and people seem to have this way of coming in and out of our lives at just the right time. If you’re open to it, if you’re listening to the universe, and receptive to what it’s trying to show you (more on this at the end of the blog post).


Case in point is my friend Lauren. Lauren and Michael met several years ago, in a poetry writing class. But the timing wasn’t right for them. So they waited. And four years later, to the day that they met, the two of them eloped in a secret ceremony in the library of their 300 year old home in Lynn, with only their two cats as their witnesses. After they exchanged their vows, they each recited the poems they had written for each other when the timing finally became right and they were able to be together. After they sealed their commitment we enjoyed cake and champagne and then dashed off to Lynn Woods Reservation to squeeze a few portraits in before the rain came. We had an unseasonably warm day, after we had just gotten a fresh snowfall, creating the most mystical, romantic, mysterious snow fog I never could have dreamed of. When the rain got to be too much, we returned to their home where they danced to The Mountain Goats, played piano, and finally settled down by the window and watched the rain come down.


Lauren and Michael’s rainy, winter North Shore Elopement:

Last year at the end of January we found out we had 30 days to move. With so few options to chose from during that time of year and within my budget, I was in a total panic. I felt desperate and afraid. After posting on FB about looking for an apartment, out of nowhere my phone buzzed with a text message from Lauren–who I don’t think I’d heard from in over a year? Telling me that she and her partner Michael were getting ready to move to Lynn. We got to talking and she decided to come over the next day with Kanes donuts and coffee.


The next day she sat on my couch for I think five hours and we talked and caught up on everything and I whined and commiserated about the moving situation. I told her we were likely moving to Providence. Lauren paused and thought quietly to herself for a minute. And she said “I don’t know Ab. I’m just not feeling Providence for you. I’m really feeling like…The North Shore is where it’s going to be for you.” I told her no no no I’ve been looking all over the place, there’s NOTHING on the North Shore that works! Lauren remained firm. “I don’t know Ab…I just…I’m really feeling like…maybe Salem. I think Salem is gonna be where it’s at for you.” I assured her AGAIN, I had looked, there was nothing.


To prove it to her, I said, NO, there’s NOTHING in Salem, and I clicked “refresh” in Craigslist again to show her I was in fact right. And suddenly it popped up–a 2 bedroom apartment, in my budget. In Salem. I looked at her confused. She said. I’m telling you. I can feel this. It’s gonna be Salem.


I sit here writing this blog post from my cozy studio in my Salem apartment, where I’ve happily called my home for the past year. Lauren’s one of those people. I dunno. I hadn’t talked to her in a year before she popped up on my phone. The next day, over donuts, she told me she could feel in her soul that I would be moving to Salem. I listened to her. And Salem has now become my home moreso than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. Thank you Lauren, for coming back into my life and telling me what the universe had in store for me.



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