Bookings update and HELLO.

During the Wintertime I don’t have quite as much new material to show off so I sometimes go a bit too long without checking in here to say hello. So…HELLO! Hello photo friends (phriends? nah I’m not that cool)! As it was whopping SIXTY DEGREES over the weekend here in Boston (and then 20 on Monday) I of course got to day dreaming about Spring and Summer.  Confession: I actually don’t care much for Summer. It’s just so…HOT.  I do enjoy Spring–there’s that couple weeks in May where the Garden asplodes in color and it’s still warm but not oppressively hot yet. I realize that we’re already in the second half of February which means my next wedding is coming up in about 6 weeks! Hooray! I thought this might be a good time to check in and let you all know what’s going on around here.
As of today (2.18.11) I am slightly over half booked for the year.  August is almost completely full (including my brother’s wedding in the BAHAMAS. It’s cool, be jealous) and October is filling up also. I still have a handful of openings near the beginning of the Summer.  If you or anyone you know is planning a fun, spirited wedding and are looking for an equally fun, outgoing photographer please do fill out the contact form either here or on my site and inquire to set up a consultation.  Or you know–just to say hi.


What else is happening around here? Well, for one thing–you all know my assistant accountant husband, Caleb, right? You know, this guy:

(Isn’t he handsome??)

What you may or MAY NOT know about him, is not only is he a super duper awesome accountant, business partner, manager, lens fetcher, dish washer (I. HATE. DISHES), dog taker-outer, hugger, backgammon player, and beer drinker, he is also a professional Nerd.  For the last 5 1/2 years, Caleb has been toiling away in a dark, cold lab over at MIT working on his PhD in atomic physics.


You guys, you  have no idea. And the best part is, he’s not just some math/science jerk. He’s incredibly well rounded. I actually met him in a creative writing class at Iowa State.  He likes to read Wikipedia for fun when he’s bored. We will be sitting around watching TV and then out of nowhere he goes “Hey, you know what’s weird about ants?” and then goes on about the complexity of ant hills for 20 minutes. Even better? He’s incredibly humble. He loves learning but he also really loves teaching. He loves explaining things to people and is VERY good at putting complicated science-y stuff into comprehensible terms for the lay person. Lucky for me because I can’t do long division.

Anyhoo, Caleb has been working on his PhD in atomic physics for 5 1/2 years, and he has recently accepted a job at a local research and technology company in Somerville! He will be done working in the lab in March (ie, he will no longer be working 15-20 hour shifts! Hooray!) at which point he begins writing his thesis which he will defend in May.  It’s  been a very long time coming and he’s worked so incredibly hard….needless to say I am so, so proud of him and happy for him that he can now settle into a somewhat normal life style (well, as normal as one can get as an atomic physicist).

Other than that–it’s pretty much same ol’ same ol’ around here. I’ve been meeting some really amazing brides and grooms for 2011–including a couple who flew up from Orlando on Monday just for their engagement shoot! How special do I feel??? I’ll be posting their images here later on this afternoon.

Hope you are all staying warm and cozy!

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