Beat Train Productions Best of Boston Wedding Photographers!

Last week I got a wonderful message from Ari Rosenfield at Beat Train Productions alerting me that Lorenz Photography had been selected as one of their Best of Boston Wedding Photographers! I was completely thrilled and humbled, especially because I really, really dig the work that Beat Train does. Ari and his staff of professional ass movers DJs are not just wedding DJs but known and sought-after DJs in the Boston and New York nightclub scene. I, unfortunately, am far too uncool to know anything about the night club scene around Boston, but I can say that the best DJ’s I ‘ve worked with at weddings are the ones who also DJ in clubs. The times I’ve worked with a DJ from Beat Train, the party has always been totally killer, with an absolutely packed dance floor the whole time.  They have a great personality and presence on the microphone, but keep announcements short and sweet, concentrating on keeping the party hopping and the atmosphere energetic and oh so fun.  If you are planning your wedding and want excellent music and a sick party do yourself a HUGE favor and check out Beat Train Productions.

But the excellence of Beat Train is not the only reason I’m totally thrilled to be on the list; I’m also totally pumped to be listed with a number of other incredibly talented photographers, including my good friends Adam and Kelly of One Eleven Images! Look! There we are on the blog together! Hi Adam and Kelly! Hiiii!!

Ari thanks again for selecting Lorenz Photography for your Best of Boston Wedding Photographers! CAN’T WAIT for my next wedding with you guys!

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