Vendor Spotlight: Basic Invite!

Hey friends! So with the new website rolling out I’ve had a few other really cool projects in the works as well, one of which is putting together a new vendor guide! I’ll be providing this vendor guide all of my booked couples highlighting some of my favorite vendors and resources to help my couples make the best choices in planning their wedding.


In addition to the guide, I’ll also be highlighting my favorite vendors on here with some more detailed descriptions and images so couples can get a closer look! 


I’m SO psyched to get this series going for 2018 and first up on the Vendor Spotlight is Basic Invite! I was SO excited when Basic Invite approached me to take a look at their custom invites and stationary. They were SO cool to let me pick out some invites of my own to see what the designing and ordering process is like to give my couples a better idea of the experience. 


I have to tell you guys, their website and designing system is seriously SO much fun. I may or may not have spent an entire afternoon playing around with all their designs, picking out colors, envelopes and selecting envelopes. It was honestly SO much fun, I can totally imagine any of my couples having a really fun time designing their personalized wedding invitations. 


So when I went to pick out some invites, I tried to imagine what some of my couples might be after. I kind of based my design on one of my favorite couples/weddings of 2017 and went for a modern but warm/rustic feel. What’s REALLY cool is they have SO many different designs (over 800!) but they’re all categorized per style or theme. So they have classic, modern, rustic, romantic, and lots more options. Then within that they have many different styles which come pre-designed with a color scheme, which you can either keep or adjust to your own preference!


I picked this modern geometric design with beautiful gold foil accent! It originally had a cooler color scheme with blues and greens, but I adjusted it to be a little warmer with rusty orange, warm grey and soft taupe. I am totally amazed at the color selection available! There are over 180 different color options to totally customize your design to fit your vision and your style, down to the littlest detail! 


The slightly raised gold foil accent totally sets it off!


What’s also super cool about Basic Invite is you can order samples! So instead of trying to commit to one design without seeing it in real life, you are able to purchase one sample of your completed design so you can get your hands and eyes on it to make sure its just right!


I finished off my design with some brown Kraft paper envelopes! I thought the soft Kraft paper would be a great contrast to the modern geometric design. 


In my case I have to say, the colors are so beautiful, the printing is crisp and clear with sharp contrast. Although I was only ordering one as a test, I have to say if I were a real customer ordering these for my wedding or event I would honestly be totally thrilled. Especially given the price point!


Finally, in addition to customized paper goods, Basic Invite also provides custom wedding websites too! You can make your own wedding website to coordinate with the wedding invitations you just worked so hard on to represent your personal wedding style. Awesome!


I had such a wonderful time working with the Basic Invite team and designing a sample of these totally cool, fun and classy wedding invitations, and I’m so happy to be able to provide some images of my design! I will be happily recommending these in my new vendor guide!


Thanks so much to Katie and the Basic Invite Team for this great fun collaboration! 


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