Steph and Brennan at Barcelona Wine Bar + the Crane Estate

Whenever Mandy messages me to let me know she has a couple that’s interested in booking, I always get the tingles. Mandy’s clients are cool, stylish, fun and planning weddings that match their unique personality and style. So I was already excited to meet Steph and Brennan, but then they started explaining their vision…


See, Steph wanted a hip, modern, urban chic downtown wedding. Brennan had his heart set on a classic, idyllic New England sophisticated Estate wedding. So what did they do?


Both. They did both. In one day.


The day started at the Fairmont Copley Plaza for preparations, with a first look around the corner in the Clarendon Street Garage (thanks for trusting me on this one, guys! And shout out to Amy on scouting that great little sneaky spot for us!). From there we moved over to Barcelona Wine Bar in the South End for their small, intimate family and close friends only ceremony. After their incredibly personal and unique ceremony in which these food and wine lovers exchanged vows over a champagne toast, they treated their guests to an indulgent and oh so beautifully styled brunch cocktail hour, complete with the Bloody Mary Bar of your dreams.


From there we took a quick spin up Tremont Street for some downtown portraits, where we bumped into Lucas Spivey of the Boston Mobile Incubator, who was cool and sweet enough to let us hang out around and even IN his kick ass renovated 1957 Shasta Trailer for some hilarious and fun portraits of Steph and Brennan. Thanks Lucas!


From there we had a couple hours break, before everyone moved the party on up to the North Shore for the second part of the day at The Crane Estate. There we took quite the jaunt allllll the way out to the very end of the Crane Estate’s lawn for some beautiful, intimate, cliffside photos of Steph and Brennan overlooking the Atlantic. It felt like they had the entire world to themselves wayyyyy out there, just the two of them.

From there, Steph did a quick costume change out of her dramatic Carol Hannah Gown, and into her Elie Saab jumpsuit, and swapped her clear plastic frame glasses for her black plastic frame glasses because why the hell not. For our final portrait session of the day, the amazing staff at the Crane Estate let us up onto the roof for dramatic 360 degree views. As we entered out onto the roof deck, the sun was just perfectly setting, and dark fog came rolling in providing a most perfectly mysterious, romantic and dramatic backdrop for their final moments before entering their reception.


The whole day was an unbelievable dream, perfectly accentuated with florals by Foret Design Studio. Steph’s flawless makeup was executed perfectly by Allison Barbera Beauty, and her incredibly chic, fun and slightly retro beehive do styled expertly by Melinda Brandt.


I realize this is quite the dramatic write up for a blog post and I don’t normally write this much, but this wedding was such an incredible undertaking from concept to design to execution with a lot of moving parts and details and I want to make sure everyone is given their due credit!


That being said I must take a moment to specifically acknowledge the incredibly hard work of Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal and Events, and her kick ass team with Kenny and Breck. These three are the dream team. This was a big day, that not only involved stylish design, but also some rather involved planning. Mandy ensured every detail was attended to, from personally steaming Steph’s dress that morning, to making sure all guests were successfully transported to and from the South end, to the Crane Estate on the North Shore, that everyone was comfortable and taken care of. Mandy carefully hand selected this incredible dream team of vendors, knowing who would be the perfect fit for this glamorous, hip, classic and SO fun wedding for Steph and Brennan. S+B trusted Mandy to create a dream wedding for them, allowing them to fully enjoy the experience and be present with each other and their families.

Lastly I gotta give a huge shout out to my girl Amy Emily, who worked alongside me on this epic 12 hour day. Several of her photos are featured below! Thanks SO much, Girl!


Alright! Onto the pictures! Without further adieu: Steph and Brennan!


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