Banned in Boston 2009

For the second year in a row, I was asked by my good friend Jamie Ullrich, Program Coordinator for Urban Improv, to photograph their annual benefit, Banned in Boston. Urban Improv is a fantastic non-profit organization located in Jamaica Plain, that works with at-risk inner-city youth to teach them conflict resolution and non-violence. It really is an amazing organization, and once a year, Jamie disappears of the radar as she prepares for this huge event, which brings in a couple dozen four-star Boston restaurants to serve hor’s deurves and local celebrities to perform a number of hilarious comedy sketches before the UI Donors. It is a truly fantastic and FUN event!

This year the show was at the House of Blues in Fenway. I was a bit apprehensive as the House of Blues is very dark, with very high ceilings, and I am NOT a fan of using direct flash. But I think I worked it out! Here are a few samples from the cocktail hour and from the show:
Of course my favorite part of the whole affair is the fooood….

Click or Clack? or Klick or Klack??
Tom Hamilton rehearsing the finale song with Carol Fulp.

Delicious Salmon with Horseradish cream…

Mayor Menino as the spirit of Abraham Lincoln.
My favorite act of the Night: Tom Hamilton dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and singing “I touched Michelle” to the tune of “I Kissed a Girl.” I do believe this was the highlight of the night!

The big finale song at the end of the show

You can learn more about Urban Improv, Banned in Boston, and see my pictures on their website here!

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