Marty and Olivia | Intimate Backyard Wedding in Plymouth, MA

These two. Olivia and Marty. These adorable, hard working, fun loving goofballs had such a fun backyard wedding in Plymouth, MA. Olivia and Marty are part owners with Olivia’s mother of The Farmer’s Table in Plymouth. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a number of weddings for fellow wedding photographers, but photographing the wedding of a couple of wedding caterers was a first! It was such a blast–working with a couple who’s part of the industry, so they have an acute sense of truly what matters most on their wedding day. They were able to focus on what was most important to them–music, gathering their best friends and family, great food and drink–and not sweat the rest of it. And as much as I encouraged Marty to let go of being a wedding pro for the day and let me take care of them, so they could take the day off and just enjoy themselves, he couldn’t help himself; when it came time for dinner, sweet Marty personally served me my dinner, with a glass of sparkling rosé, down by the lake.

This day was full of so many fun surprises and personal touches. Olivia’s Mother, a chef and culinary educator, served everyone ice cream sandwiches during the party. Olivia gave herself her dramatic ballgown moment for the first half of the day, and then slipped into a breezy, swingy dress for their portraits in the woods later in the evening. Marty, an actor and one of nine (nine!) siblings, was so attentive and affectionate with all of his brothers and sisters all day. He surprised Olivia with a song he wrote and sang just for her after their first dance (Which, to this day, is still stuck in my head, thanks a lot, Marty.)

Days like this are why I do what I do. Couples who are so real and sweet and honest and in it for the good stuff–the gathering of friends and family, the good drink and food, the music, and can let the rest of it go. Marty and Olivia thank you so much for trusting me with this amazing gathering of love and food for all.

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