August 25th, 2007

At the risk of sounding like a big dumb cliche–I seriously cannot believe it’s been three years since Caleb and I got married.  THREE YEARS. Today.
I often get asked, how does a wedding photographer choose a photographer for her own wedding? Well in my case it was pretty simple.  I googled “Red Wing Minnesota Wedding Photography” and up popped Robert Meyer Photography. Thanks, Google! His website is quite different now, but at the time his site displayed both his wedding photography and his travel/documentary photography.  The title image of the website at the time was this beautiful landscape with a guy jumping over a creek (or something…I can’t totally remember) and the moment I laid eyes on the rich contrast of the black and white image, that was it–I knew he was my photographer.  I didn’t even need to see his wedding photography.  Rob is a bit of an old school (but not old fashioned) photographer in that he still shoots film and his personal/editorial work is exclusively black and white, which is what I studied in photography school.  In Rob I found my perfect photographer: He was young and fun and had an edgy approach to his work, but he was a bit of an old soul, photographically.  His black and white work has a distinctly old fashioned/vintage feel to it, but in a sophisticated, not kitschy way, which I was immediately drawn to as much of my own black and white work was printed similarly. Intense overall contrast but with retention of mid-tones and local contrast (sorry–photo nerd time).  A fine art black and white photographer who also happens to be a wedding photographer? Yes. Please.

My mom and I met with Rob at the Blue Moon cafe in Red Wing (one of my favorite little cities in the world, by the way), and within 20 minutes my mother and I exchanged a knowing glance–Rob was our guy.  He was relaxed, personal and totally himself–not afraid to say what he felt even if it included a little light swearing (much appreciated by this sailor mouthed babe).  In meeting Rob I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend–he was warm and inviting, funny and sarcastic and his work just spoke to me.  Having Rob as my photographer was HUGELY influential on the development of my business model, my method and my “style”.  Rob is a consummate professional and highly skilled photographer (seriously, the guy still shoots film.  There are no second chances here.  The thought of it gives me the chills), but he presented himself genuinely and sincerely.  Rob was my first impression that as a wedding photographer I can be both sophisticated professional while still being totally myself–tattoos and swearing and all.

But of course being cool can only get you so far.  And there are plenty of photographers out there who get by on being cool and sneaking their just-okay work by the client.  The best BEST best part of working with Rob? His pictures.

(All images copyright Rob Meyer)

See The grain?? LOVE THE GRAINN!!

Our Ushers: Caleb (and my!) college buddies Ian Barnyard Barnard and Derek Lester.  Few men can pull off a pony tail and even fewer can pull off a mustache but Derek some how manages to rock BOTH OF THEM.  Eryn, our Best Man’s girlfriend and all around wedding helper fairy.

My brother Thomas, best man Andy, Caleb, My sister’s husband Jesse and last but certainly not least, lumberjack Tim (seriously). My fantastic sisters in law, Tess and Mariah. 

This is my mother in law with her four brothers.  I guess this was the first time in YEARS that they had all been together! My sister Kelly, following my best friend/maid of honor Nichole and me.

By the way–we got married in the backyard of my parents lake house in Old Frontenac Minnesota–right on the Mississippi River.  It’s my favorite place in the world.

So yeah.  That was our wedding.  Our cake was blue, my my hair was epic and Caleb and the guys were so cute in their tuxes (and Jesse’s dress blues).  Sometimes people will ask me (without knowing I’m already married) if photographing weddings gives me lots of ideas for my own wedding.  What I tell them is that my wedding was awesome and I really wouldn’t change a thing–except I see all the neat cute things that a lot of my brides have done and I do have a lot of “aw dang!” moments at weddings where I wish I would have done something adorable like their table arrangements or table cards or something.  But the fact is–we got married in Minnesota and so many of our Boston friends either weren’t there, or we didn’t know at the time so…maybe we’ll just have to have another wedding reception out here sometime 🙂

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