And now: Carlene and Nick at Artists for Humanity Epicenter, South Boston

This wedding.
You guys.

I  just.

I don’t even know.

Ever since I met Carlene and Nick about a year and a half ago, every single time they revealed a new detail about their wedding plans I went “OMFG SERIOUSLY?” Everything from “Well we want to do our engagement session at the Topsfield fair. At night.” to “Well, I’m walking down the aisle to Neutral Milk Hotel” to “All my bridesmaids are wearing neon-colored fascinators in their hair” to “Well I’m changing into a cocktail dress and bright red Betsy Johnson shoes for the reception” to “The men are wearing ascots” to “Oh yeah I’m doing a Zumba routine during the reception.” Right up to the day of the wedding when I walked in to Carlene’s hotel room to find her hairstylist CRIMPING HER HAIR. WAT. They also told me they asked their graphic designer friend to do all of their stationary for their wedding, and based on the save the date and the subsequent invitation I KNEW we were in for an incredibly stylish, off-the-wall event. But even with all that I still had NO IDEA just how incredibly stylish, creative, COLORFUL and oh so personal this wedding would be. Their tables were named after various movies and albums that were special to them, and identified not just by the names but by the actual imagery of the movie or album. You’ll see what I mean. Their colors were NEON EVERYTHING. Her Chanel nail polish matched the bottoms of her shoes. Their cake had aspolding bomb things on it. They had old Polarid cameras and boxes of instant film from The Impossible Project sitting out to be used by their guests, accompanied by old photographs of their families. Her flowers looked like sea creatures and brains and it was so effing awesome I just can’t.

And if that weren’t enough, they had the most fantastic request of me: They asked me, ever so politely, if I “wouldn’t mind” shooting a little bit of Holga and color film at their wedding.



Nick is a big photography enthusiast which is where all the Polaroid cameras and instant film came from. But they weren’t incorporating old cameras into their wedding day as just some kitschy vintage-y throw back item. Photography has always been very important to Nick and they really wanted to incorporate it into their day in a real way. So they had all this old film with these old cameras sitting out which they encouraged their guests to play with, they had Carlene’s little cousin running an old Super 8 camera, and asked me to shoot some color film with my Holga in addition my usual work. This was an absolute dream.

And to top everything off, they had their wedding at one of my all time favorite venues, Artists for Humanity Epicenter, AND they hired THE MAN, Ari from Beat Train Productions to provide the awesome party times, which he obvs did.

Since the Holga stuff is quite different from the main set of pictures I think I’ll post this as a two parter. Here we go!


(hehehehe….I had to include this one 🙂 )




ALSO! Super special thanks to my dear friend Mark Stern for second shooting this one for me! There was SO MUCH going on at this wedding there was no way I could have covered it myself, so I was so glad Carlene and Nick opted for a second shooter and SUPER glad that I had Mark along for this one. You’re the best, buddy!

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